All classes are based on a vinyasa practice.  Vinyasa translates to flow, meaning breath-snychronised postures that are sequenced in such a way that you move from one to the next seamlessly.  This can be mentally and physically challenging and rewarding, as you learn the way in which your body responds to this type of movement.  It also allows you to experience postures differently, as you pay attention to the flow of your breath.

No two classes are the same, although there are similar elements within each, allowing you to learn and discover how beautifully and wonderfully made you are each time you practice.

Modifications are offered in all classes.

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Class Descriptions

Mindful Mechanics

A class that focuses on body awareness.   It is designed for new students who are looking to tune into their bodies or regular practitioners who are wanting to learn more about their own practice and what feels right for their body.  Suitable for all levels, especially those who are looking to discover more about the wonders of the human body and its subtleties.

Vinyasa Flow

A vinyasa class that emphasises breath-synchronized movement and allows students to spend time noticing how their body responds to different postures each week.  It is designed for students who are looking to move with the flow and challenge themselves each week.  Suitable for all levels, who enjoy the physical and mental challenge of yoga.

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DayDelivery ModeClassTime
MondayOnline onlyMindful Mechanics and Vinyasa Flow
(Classes will alternate each week)
6 – 7 pm
QLD Time
7 – 8 pm
Every 3rd
Online onlyVinyasa Flow
(Faster paced and/or more challenging sequencing and postures
6 – 7 pm
QLD Time
7 – 8 pm

Term Dates

Term 1 2022

This term has a couple of different options:

  • 11 week term – Mondays only
  • 11 week term (Mondays) + 3 week vinyasa flow (Every third Wednesday)
  • 3 week Vinyasa Flow – Every third Wednesday only

11 Week Online Term

Monday 31st January – 11th April

February7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
March7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
April4th, 11th

3 Week Online Vinyasa Flow

March9th, 30th


Class TypePrice
11 Week Online Term (dates specified above$120
11 Week + 3 Week every third Wednesday$147
3 Week Online every third Wednesday (dates specified above)$33
Casual Class$15

When you are registering for online classes and you have booked and paid for your class/es you will be sent an email with a link to the Zoom meeting.  Click the link, enter the meeting code and password to join.

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Online 11 Week Term

Full 11 Week Term, commencing 31st January 2022


Online 11 Week Term + 3 Week Every Third Wednesday

Eleven week term plus 3 extra Wednesday classes


Online 3 Week Term Every Third Wednesday

3 classes only


Casual Class – any



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